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Valley Chemical Sales Offers AgXplore Products 

Nitrogen and Phosphorus Management Aids

Nitrogen and Phosphorus Management Aids are designed to improve performance and availability. These innovative products work by increasing the availability and uptake of applied nitrogen and phosphorus – in effect maximizing your investment. No other management aids are this powerful and effective.

Nutrient Blends

These nutritional products consistently out-perform in the field bringing higher yields and greater profits. High quality and mixing compatibility are standard in these American made products.

Adjuvants and Specialty

This Adjuvant line includes surfactants and conditioning agents that solve everyday problems in the field. By adding an adjuvant to a tank mix, growers and applicators can enhance chemical activity and performance. Our products feature premium ingredients and proven performance.


These micronutrient fertilizers include a complete line of premium quality chelated and non-chelated products. These include foliar and in-furrow options featuring research-proven combinations of nutrients essential for optimum performance.

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