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Delta Plastics Poly Pipe

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Valley Chemical Sales proudly supplies Poly Pipe made by the experienced team at Delta Plastics. They are engineered for optimum performance in the field. The poly tube has a wide range of capabilities and comes in a variety of sizes and thicknesses that can be easily installed, giving you the flexibility to adjust water flow and direction to suit your crop and irrigation needs.


Saves Water and Energy

  • Save an average of 25% in water & energy

  • Low upfront, operating and maintenance costs 

  • More efficient water usage

Easy to Use

  • Extremely easy to install and customize to unique field requirements

  • Reduce manual labor

  • Move water without maintaining ditches & infrastructure

Crop Growth

  • Quickly Irrigates Crop

  • More Effectively Reaches Root Zone

  • Even Water Distribution

  • Less Agricultural Chemicals Washed Away

  • Effective for Almost All Soil Types

  • Less Soil Erosion

Pipe Planner

Delta Plastics' Pipe Planner is a Web-based application designed to help you create the most efficient irrigation system for your row crops. Simply input easily obtained information about your field, well, and polytubing, and Pipe Planner will provide a design that maximizes your field's potential for achieving uniform water application.

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